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Speaking & Outreach

Dr. Talbot is passionate about his message. When he’s not working with his research team, he’s reaching out to new patients and doctors with his vision for a system to serve those who need help most. He has presented his ideas at EO Forum Squared and speaks regularly on topics including: offering superior medical treatment options to patients, his quest to overhaul the healthcare system, and the extraordinary effects of treating the whole patient, not just the symptoms.

With years of personal experience and numerous case studies from MediSearch patients, Dr. Talbot offers his audiences a multifaceted approach to healthcare. He arms patients with an insider view of the flaws in the system and equips his fellow doctors with insights into patients’ needs and the research required to help them.


675 Bering, Suite 200

Houston,Texas 77057

The MediSearch Institute model is disrupting the healthcare industry. It’s a fascinating concept that gives patients an unprecedented level of care.

Amin Mirhadi, M.D.