Dr. Talbot’s Extended Bio

Dr. Talbot is a revolutionary who believes in a better healthcare system and is the visionary behind The MediSearch Institute. Though classically trained as a medical doctor, Dr. Talbot spent twelve years captive to a chronic cough, runny nose, and sore throat, as well as near-constant fatigue. After over a decade of misdiagnosis and mismanagement, Dr. Talbot put his medical training to work, researched his condition extensively, and eventually diagnosed and treated himself. With an alteration to his diet, Dr. Talbot completely cured his chronic conditions. 

A while later, Dr. Talbot’s grandfather began to suffer from intense back pain, and the surgery that the doctor recommended severely worsened his condition. After another season of in-depth research, this time with his doctor brother as a partner, Dr. Talbot was able to assess why the surgery had failed and find an alternative solution that had his grandfather happy, healthy, and back on the golf course after just three years. 

Since those events, Dr. Talbot rededicated his life to establishing a new medical system that people in crisis can trust. Thus, The MediSearch Institute was born. 

Within a year of MediSearch’s opening, Dr. Talbot’s sixteen-year-old sister enrolled as a MediSearch patient as well, and his team found her a plethora of options the doctors never considered. Since then, the MediSearch team has done the same for every single MediSearch Client. 

Known as a “modern day Dr. House,” Dr. Talbot and his expert research teams sleuth out everything from cutting-edge treatments to holistic alternatives, determined to find the answers. With the data he and his team uncovers, he can confidently present patients with several of the best treatment options in existence.

Dr. Talbot’s Journey with Medicine

Dr. Talbot, grew up at Beaumont, Texas and graduated from Beaumont Kelly High School. In 2007,  he graduated Magna Cum Laude with an undergraduate degree at Texas A&M University in biomedical sciences, which piqued his interest in physiology.

Dr. Talbot’s interest in medical research started in medical school at University of Texas Medical Branch, where he was recognized for the Best Cancer Related Poster at the UTMB Research Day in 2008 and was awarded the Kazko Arai Memorial Award for Excellence in Biochemistry. He also was offered the Dr. Ronald Rust scholarship, graduating with Alpha Omega Alpha Honors from UTMB in 2010. Once out of school, Dr. Talbot earned an ophthalmology residency at The University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida.

Early Entrepreneurship

Trivium Test Prep

In medical school, Dr. Talbot found himself constantly frusterated with the quality of his textbooks and the prep books for the MCAT. As he talked to his friend and classmate, Justin Gree, Dr. Talbot hatched the idea for his first business: a test prep publishing company. Later, as a medical student at University of Texas Medical Branch, Dr. Talbot put his plan into action and, with Justin Green as his partner, started Trivium Test Prep. Since its beginning over ten years ago, Trivium Test Prep has published study guides and books of practice tests for 300+ standarized exams, which have been used and loved by students all over the world.

Joke Books

With his feet wet in the publishing industry, Dr. Talbot knew he could go even further. Aiming for a wider audience, he started publishing a series of children’s joke books under the brand of the Don’t Laugh Challenge. Since its start in 2016, the Don’t Laugh Challenge has skyrocketed, eventually becoming one of the world’s most successful joke book brands.

Based in Houston, Texas, Dr. Talbot lives with his wife, Bethany, and his firstborn, Charlotte. A christian saved by grace, Dr. Talbot loves using his work to bring joy and hope to his patients. He also enjoys golf, the outdoors and spending time with his family.

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